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How to contribute

The most important thing about this site is YOU. Your contributions will be vital to make it a success.

Here are ways you can contribute and comment.

1. Use the Forum Page

There is a forum page accessible from the main menu where you can chat, comment, send pictures and stories.

Any visitor can read the forum, but if you want to start a conversation on the forum you have to register first. Registration is very simple and if you are already on Facebook you can just click the Facebook registration option.

Once registered you can log in and add messages.

If you prefer you can send in information via email. It would be helpful if you could mention "BoS History" in the title line to make sure I don't miss anything.

You can message me or tag me in Facebook I often take a look at whats going on at the old homestead on the Brompton on Swale Banter page.

Once you have posted something in a forum ... you will get a special member badge! (I know ... exciting, right?)

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