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New Publication - A History of Scorton Airfield

It's been a good while since I posted here - so apologies for that! Apart from some recent illness, one of the other reasons has been that I've been working on a new publication which is available now. This is a History of Scorton Airfield and the aircrews that served there during its active years (1939-1944). A dozen different squadrons were based here including Royal Air Force, Royal Canadian Air Force and United States Army Air Force units and although the North East was a relatively quite sector there were still many actions against the Luftwaffe and many aircrews gave their lives. I've been able to piece together many sources of information and hopefully solve at least one mystery of a lost aircraft. This publication is free to download as usual and is available here:

(be patient as it downloads - its about 70pages and 33Mb).

Below: Northrop P-61 Black Widow “Tabitha” of the USAAF 425th Squadron at Scorton, June 1944

I'd certainly like to see any old photographs or hear any more stories about the airfield (including its post war use). I have heard it was used, briefly, as a race track but can find little evidence of that although my Dad and Uncle apparently used to race a home built car, streamlined by being encased in an aircraft fuel tank, around the perimeter in the 1950s!

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