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1851 and all that !

Here is another extract from the 1984 booklet "A New Look at Old Brompton-on-Swale". This is a short piece on the 1851 Census of the Village by Michael Taylor.

It mentions the 301 inhabitants of the village and their trades etc.

1851 was the year of the Great Exhibition at the Crystal Palace to give you some idea of what was going on in the wider world.

In actual fact, the population was a little more than 301 as that figure only covers the main village and not the outskirts (such as Citadilla, Hollow Banks, the Black Bull and other farms etc.). That made the village population a whopping 425 (a veritable metropolis). So I thought I'd do a little bit of analysis ... 'cos I'm a bit sad like that ... and found that there were ...

  • 215 Males,

  • 210 Females.

  • 129 children under 14

  • 155 married persons

  • 110 unmarried

  • 29 widowed

  • the average age was 31

  • 196 were born in the village

  • 195 were born outside the village (but in Yorkshire)

  • 29 were born outside Yorkshire (but in England)

  • 3 were born outside England (all in Scotland as it happens)

I then did a full transcription of the whole lot (I must be really sad as the original handwriting isn't the easiest to read). You will find it all here on the Publications page Just scroll to the bottom under "More Documents" and you will find the full transcription and analysis of the 1851 census for Brompton-on-Swale - free to download if you wish. Do you have any 1851 ancestors in the village?

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