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Get a Head - Get a Profile !

All members (someone who has created an account) have a profile.

This is your opportunity to tell other members as much or as little about yourself as you want and to even show us a picture of yourself (or not).

To access your profile - log in and click on the drop down "V" next to email address. Then click on Profile.

You will see something like this >>>>

Edit allows you to add or change your profile picture and what your profile name is.

My Account lets you set more personal information about yourself that is available to other members - only add what you want to share.

Notifications allows you to see what messages you have received about the latest news and activity on the site.

Settings is where you can set your preferences for Notifications - allowing you to control when you get informed of new activity on the web site that you might be interested in. You can turn Notifications off or just select the ones you want.

You can also write something about yourself and add pictures !

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