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It's Launch Day !

Thanks for visiting the Brompton on Swale local history website!

I hope you find it interesting.

Importantly, we will need your help to make it a success. That means getting in touch, using the forum page to share your stories, articles, facts, memories and photos.

You can also make contact via email or through the Brompton Banter facebook page

but the best way is to use the forum page so everyone using this site can see your contributions. Try it out - ask a question or start a conversation,

Our aim is to collate and organise, over time, whatever people share, into themes and publish material on the research and publications pages. Right now, you are on the blog page - it's where we aim to keep everyone up to date with plans, news etc.

Have a good look around the site - there are other pages too and they can all be quickly accessed from the menu at the top of the web site. All feedback and suggestions are welcomed.


So thank you all for dropping by and thanks for any memories, stories, photos and anecdotes you have shared.

Special thanks to Alan Bond, admin for the Brompton on Swale Banter Facebook page for helping "road test" this site. Alan has already amassed a lot of village history and has kindly allowed me to use some images. If you are not a member of BoS Banter - go and join!

Finally, I want to dedicate this site to my Dad for giving me the idea. Brompton born and bred! Hi Dad. 8)

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Peter Hodgson
Peter Hodgson
Aug 22, 2020

Great to see over 240 site visits and 24 new members on Day 1 - thanks for your support. Looking forward to seeing some posts on the Forum.

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